How TextAlertz Can Save Your Business Money

Everything you invest in to grow your business has a "price". But not everything has a "cost". It's an important distinction, because you want to know that the services you use are returning more in value than you are spending on them.

TextAlertz, and text marketing in general, is a perfect example of a service that doesn't cost you anything—because it provides an immediate return on investment. Not only does TextAlertz help you increase sales, but it can also save you money right from the first day you get started!

Here are some examples:

Doctor and Dentist offices

Doctor and Dentist offices utilize TextAlertz to send appointment reminders. Not only does this work better than phone calls or email, it saves them staff time and expense in making these calls. Plus, since everyone reads their text messages, more patients show up for their appointments!

Churches, Schools, Daycares and Non-Profits

Churches, Schools, Daycares and Non-Profits use TextAlertz to announce events and schedule changes, saving them time and money, while boosting attendance and reducing the frustration of those that "didn't get the message".

HR Directors

HR Directors use TextAlertz to communicate with their employees, especially in situations where many of their staff are not at a computer all day to see email. This not only saves these companies time, but often money in preventing errors or confusion among employees "in the field".


Restaurants often send text alerts to their customers whenever they are having a particularly slow day. This saves them money by making sure they are not paying staff to be idle. The resulting increase in traffic keeps their employees busy and generating revenue.

The time- and money-saving uses of TextAlertz are practically endless. Call us today at 855-4-ALERTZ to try TextAlertz for yourself.

I was scared to try something new at first, but now I don't know what I would do without TextAlertz. I can send out mobile coupons or even promote our new Sunday brunch, and every time I send a blast I see an immediate spike in business. There are no more slow days, because all I have to do is send out a special offer and my customers come out when they wouldn't have thought of us otherwise." - Cheryl G., One More Bite Cafe