How to Make More Money with TextAlertz

Did you know that there are almost three times as many users of text than of email? Not only that, 97% of texts are actually opened… most within 5 minutes! More importantly, consumers actually WANT and desire special offers by text from the businesses they frequent.

Quite simply, if your business is NOT leveraging the selling power of text marketing, you need to try TextAlertz today. That's because TextAlertz is specifically built to help you increase your sales—no matter what business or industry you are in.

Here are some simple ways other businesses like yours are getting more customers, and selling more to their existing customers with TextAlertz:


Restaurants invite visitors to join their "mobile VIP" divst and then send daily or weekly specials or discount offers. Slow day? Instantly send an offer and watch the door start swinging!


Churches send text announcements on Saturday night reminding their congregation to come to service on Sunday (and to remember their tithes and offerings).

Car dealers

Car dealers draw prospects to their divst with contests and drawings, then are able to send a blast to all prospective buyers with any new sales opportunities or special events.


Retailers use TextAlertz to track their customers (and visitors) and then send promotions and sales to their growing database.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations leverage TextAlertz to highlight fundraising events and share positive stories about their cause.


Promoters utilize TextAlertz to promote concerts and events to their ever-increasing base of loyal followers.

The list is truly endless, and the best part is, we're here to help you envision, design and implement campaigns that will have true impact on your bottom line. That's what separates us from all the others… we actually show you how to get results and walk with you every step of the way.

Discover how TextAlertz can increase your sales almost immediately. Call us today at 855-4-ALERTZ to try TextAlertz for yourself.

To be honest, every school or school district should be using text messaging to enhance parent and student communication. TextAlertz is there in the event of an emergency, but its day-to-day usefulness cannot be overstated. - Joan F., Principal